Monday, November 24, 2008

Essay # 2 Reflection

The Patriot/loyalist state essay was definitely a contrast to the Bacons Rebellion essay we completed earlier this quarter in a number of ways. Disregarding the shortened amount of time that we were given to complete this essay, I personally felt that it went slightly smoother and I would even say a bit easier. Because it was our second essay, our familiarity with the expectations, research, and writing process was a factor that progressed this assignment and allowed us to complete it within the time period that we were given to complete it. Although we were familiar with J-stor and a number of the other data bases and how to use them, because of the specificity of the information that was required for our individual states, I found research for this assignment more challenging than the Bacon’s Rebellion essay. Even though we had much less time to complete this essay, it was definite something that we as students were able to handle with time management and focus. One thing that I did have a bit of an issue with on this essay was the length limit of no more than four pages. I personally had trouble on deciding what information to cut out and what information to keep and I felt that by limiting my information, it was also limiting my factual support and even weakening parts of my argument. I think that the limit should have been around five pages instead or four. Otherwise than that, this essay was an informative learning experience that I am glad I had a chance to complete.

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