Monday, November 3, 2008

Continental Congress vs. PSEC Synthesis

Despite the fact that the Continental Congress and the PSEC advisory council are separated by a time frame of several hundred years, certain correlations can be made between the two organizations regardless. The Continental Congress was a congregation consisting of 56 representatives of the 12 different colonies created to protect colonial rights. For the continental congress to be successful, they had to become a unanimous entity and combine ideas. In the similar approach, the PSEC Advisory Council and body is collaboration of students from different feeder schools who have come together to produce a more effective learning environment and to progress their education. One of the things that make these congregations successful is the fact that they incorporate an array of differentiating perspectives. Although the issues that are dealt with between the two organizations may differ significantly, the idea of people coming together in unity to discuss and resolve certain issues remains consistent.

In the words of Edmund Morgan, “"the Continental Congress appeared as a challenge to Parliament" and in the same prospect, PSEC can be considered a challenge to conventional edification because students and teachers are on the same level, and with this role game out of the way, students aren’t just forced to take In information, but actually challenged to think and expand their minds like never before.
To be continued….

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