Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Resolution for Declaration of Independance, Continental Congress Text Analysis

The title of this document is: Resolution introduced in the Continental Congress by Richard Henry Lee (Virginia) proposing a Declaration of Independence June 7, 1776

--Who is writing?

-The author of this document is Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.

--Who is the audience?
-To anyone whom it may concern. (British Legislation and Colonists)

--Who do the writers represent?
-The author represents the United Colonies of America.

--What is being said, argued and/or requested?
-The United Colonies should be free and independent states and should be absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown. In other words they are cutting the political connection between them and Great Britain.

--How is it being said, argued and/or requested?
-It is being argued very firmly, formally, and boldly.
--What proof and/or justification is being used to legitimize the request?

-It seems like the author is confident in his argument and seems knowledgeably credible in his message.

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