Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Virginia Resolution of 1798 Text Analysis

Who is writing?
- This document was the product of the collaboration between the General Assembly of Virginia.

Who is the audience?
-This document pertains to all inhabitants of the United States of America. Included in this category are all the supporters of the constitution who are in favor of ratifying it.

Who do the writers represent?
-The authors represent the government of the United States at the time, and these authors share their ideas on the transformations that the United States needs for a brighter and more stable future.

What is being said, argued and/or represented?

-A summary of this document is basically that the General Assembly of Virginia is defending the constitution against its counters. The general sense that these authors attempt to convey is that they stand for the liberty, and rights of all the citizens of the United States and they want to protect theses liberties. The General Assembly states that they want to protect the citizens so that their rights are not taken away from them by acts of the government. This document is actually opposes the Alien and Sedition acts and refers to them as something that takes away important freedoms that all people have the right to posses.

-What proof and/or justification is being used to legitimize the request?

-The Alien and sedition acts are used as justification for the General Assemblies’ request. The General Assembly exposes the alien and sedition acts, stating that they are restrictive to the freedoms of a people and that these acts were created primarily to institute unjust power over a government and its citizens, and that the constitution does not support this act.

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