Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Essay #1 Reflection

In the somewhat painstaking process of writing the Bacon’s Rebellion paper I think that’s its possible that I even learned a couple of things… Although I cannot say that I fully enjoyed working on this historical paper and researching my topic to persuade my readers, a certain aspect that I appreciated was the fact that we were able to choose our own individual topics. I personally believe that because of the fact that we were allowed to choose our own topics, we as students had more options to write about the subjects that intrigued us, and because of this factor, the writing that we completed wasn’t as forced as it usually is on similar assignments. Being an individual who normally wouldn’t take the time to go through the trouble of writing a full out, detailed outline, I think that this assignment taught me that  this method of outlines and drafts is valuable, and greatly effected the organization and consistency of the content of my writing. While writing my essay, another positive aspect that I realized in outlines and drafts that are completed beforehand is that they help ward off procrastination and help ease the process of communication with the reader. Finally, I though that Craig’s commentary on my writing was very valuable and effective for the reinforcement of my paper. Even though some individuals were hesitant, and may have even deemed some of the advice that he presented as cynical, I trusted Craig’s extensive writing experience to help better my essay.

This was not the first experience that I encountered with writing a historically based paper, but I definitely would have to say that during the process of my essay’s completion, my research skills have increased dramatically. Scholarly articles and the J-Stor library Is something that is new to me that I know will increase the credibility of my research based writing in the future. Even though historical papers are at times stimulating, I would definitely prefer creative writing assignments any day over those that are more research/fact based. Overall, I believe this assignment to be a valuable experience and a very informative aspect in the writing skill development process.

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