Sunday, September 28, 2008

The First Charter of Virginia Rhetorical Analysis (Draft)

Author-The exact author (authors) of this document are not specified individually, but from the context of the text, there reason to believe that this document was the product of collaboration between several authors, who were appointed subjects under the authority of King James.

• Audience-The audience which this document regards is the group of European residents who were sent by King James with a mission to inhabit and colonize the part of America that came to be known as Virginia. According to the text in the document, this group (which composed of sundry Knights, gentlemen, merchants, and other adventurers from the cities of London, Bristol, Exeter and town of Plymouth) was to divide itself into two sets in order to speed up the process of colonization in America. This legal document applied to the European inhabitants of America.

• Tone-The tone of the author of this document is somewhat demanding and very much authoritative. In the institution of laws and regulations, one would only expect such a stern writing style judging by the documents purpose.

• Purpose-The purpose of this document was to establish a series of regulations for the colonists in the New World in order to restrict their independence and also in order for King James and his monarchy to have a certain level of control over the European inhabitants even from thousands of miles away. It served as a legal agreement providing benefits and policies for future inhabitants.

• Persuasion
-Ethos: As a legal document, emotion did not play a very prominent role, but looking at the situation the authors perspective (King James & Monarchy) this document was most likely the product of personal & voracity for wealth and power (gold & land).

-Pathos: The credibility of the Virginia Charter & King James was decently credible and somewhat consist ant. I base this conclusion off of the fact that the inhabitants did receive land as stated in the charter, but I do not make this conclusion without considering the actual risk of the charter and the odds of dying in the process of the journey to the New World.

Logos: The logical aspect of the Virginia Charter was a questionable effort to inhabit and colonize the new world, to obtain, land, resources and new wealth for King James and England.

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